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It has been confirmed by many doctors and therapists that Geopathic Stress must be cleared before any cancer treatment can be one hundred percent successful. Many eminent doctors who specialise in cancer have associated cancer directly with Geopathic Stress, so this is not simply some hocus–pocus treatment.

Joe’s sleeping patterns were always bad and he often woke several times throughout the night, finding it difficult to go back to sleep as thoughts of work would immediately invade his consciousness. Often he would sit up and watch television — we had a huge television in the bedroom as well as CCTV monitors which were left on all night and I could never sleep well, always feeling tired even if I had managed to have a relatively good night’s sleep. So I began to research possible causes of bad sleeping patterns.

Geopathic Stress (‘geo’ from the Greek word for earth and ‘pathic’ from the Greek word pathos meaning to suffer, cause disease) is the study of how the earth and its energy can affect human health. The earth’s vibrations are constant and continually rise up through the earth. However, when these vibrations become disturbed and distorted, they can affect the human body in a negative way. It is by no means a new concept and these vibrations have always been part of our lives.

In ancient China, Feng Shui was very much a part of everyday life, and now, after almost three thousand years, this science is experiencing a rebirth, as is the science of Geopathic Stress.

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Written by Dr Seeger

There is one thing that beats all medical treatments of cancer known to this day — the support of a loved one. Joe was lucky enough to have Julie, which in my opinion extended his life the biggest way.

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