Essaïdi Aqua Tilis Therapy

Essaïdi AquaTilis Therapy for Cancer

Julie Romani - It's All About Cancer

A friend of a friend told us about a clinicin Eindhoven, not far from Amsterdam, which was curing people of various diseases. I quickly investigated and we decided to give it a try.

We first visited the clinic in April 2005. The founder’s daughter runs the clinic, a clean and modest structure which exudes an air of quiet confidence and friendliness. The founder and inventor of the clinic and therapy makes a point of welcoming new visitors and is proficient at remembering names — this was also the doctor with whom we initially had an appointment. After we had explained about Joe’s cancer, he advised that he would make up a special detox medicine for Joe which would complement his cancer treatment. The therapy is designed to eradicate free radical damage to cells and to stimulate the production of new cells. The treatment helps to repair DNA, strengthen the immune system, improve oxygenation and reduce inflammation. Hundreds of patients have been treated with the Essaidi Method and had tremendous results.

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Julie Romani
It's All About Cancer
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Written by Dr Seeger

There is one thing that beats all medical treatments of cancer known to this day — the support of a loved one. Joe was lucky enough to have Julie, which in my opinion extended his life the biggest way.

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