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alkalise for the best health

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I would insist that Joe drank his greens drink daily, which he hated, but he co–operated as he knew that it was good for him and continued to take this long–term. When Joe was sticking to the greens drinks and the diet, it felt like his condition was under control. I believe that this was a crucial factor in Joe’s prolonged good health. The greens drink was an inexpensive but effective way to improve Joe’s energy levels. Towards the end I also began to add Turmeric drops to the drink for extra impact.

The greens drink alkalises the body, gives nutrition and creates energy and health. It is green–chlorophyll rich which builds blood and keeps it healthy.

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It's All About Cancer
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Written by Dr Seeger

There is one thing that beats all medical treatments of cancer known to this day — the support of a loved one. Joe was lucky enough to have Julie, which in my opinion extended his life the biggest way.

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